Traditional Jamaican Dances




A european retention which was originaly celebrated on May first at the fertitity Festival in England. This dance is done across the island especially in the sugar belt. It is now very Jamaican in content. More




This is a Ballroom set dace, which originated from the courts of europe, and danced in jamaica by the gentry during slavery, the black population later caught on mainly through imitation. There are two styles - the ballroom and the camp style. the former european, the latter the creolized version . More




An afro religious form/ritual. The Dance and Music are two of its strong features. It is done for healing, wedding, feasts,etc. More


Gerreh and Dinki Mini


Both Dances are of African origin, They are usually performed after the death of a person, and until the ninth night. The (Ni-Night) sessions are lively and are held usually to cheer the bereaved. Gerreh is done in the western end of the . Dinki Mini in the Eastern end.


John Canoe ( Jonkunnu)


This form elements of Europe and Africa. Done mainly at Christmas time. A strong feature of the dance are its many characters, whose movements match their role. In the early days, this dance was kept alive through competitions on the sugar Estates. More




A religious form. Afro Europen syncretism. There are two main branches - Zion and Poccomania. Zion is more Euro-Christian. Poccomania has stronger African elements.Spirit possession is a strong Feature of this Dance


Ring Games


Movement and song done by children at play. There are both African and Europen Ring Games.




An African retention frrom the people of Yorube ancestry. The play is done at feasts, wedding and on 40th night after a person's death. Sawling is a feature of the dance


Bruckin's Party


A post Emancipation ance to celebrate the Emancipation of slavery. Some of the words of the songs that accompany and the dances tell of "Queen Victoria set us free", and the "Queen has arrived, and the oney must flow". The dance has a procession followed by competition between the Blue King and Queen and the Red King and Queen.Accompaning the King and Queen of each set, are the grand children, knights and followers,Costumes are rich and colourful.



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